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​Welcome to Thailicious! At our restaurant, we made a commitment to serve you not only original Thai cuisine but we make sure that it's healthy and good for you as well so you can enjoy eating and not having to feel guilty afterwards!

Welcome to Thailicious 
       Healthy and Original Thai Cooking
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4601 West Freeway Suite 206
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Chapel Hill at I-30 & Hulen
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Tel.        817-737-8111

   Our Story
In our family, we enjoy delicious food and we like to eat out. When we think about Thailicious, we want it to be the place where we love going all the time!

Thailicious was born with specific requests from our family members. It has to offer our original Thai food, the ones that we like to eat everyday because we just love them. The menu also has to include fresh and healthy dishes for people who enjoy great culinary experience with all the benefits of vegetables and herbs. has to feature some of our favorite dishes from four region of Thailand because we just miss them. 

When you are with us, you will enjoy our proudly present dishes and have a wonderful time. We hope it will be your new favorite place, like it is for us!

Behind the Name ‘Thailicious’

We thought about many names before we came down to ‘Thailicious’. We wanted to use Thai name but unlike Spanish, not many people know Thai language, so Thai name might not be recognizable and people would not know we serve Thai food. Our family concluded that we will keep the word ‘Thai’ and added it with other words. As you can see, our first two restaurants are ‘Thai Rice n’ Noodle’ and ‘Thai Select’. Now what is this other word that is right for our new restaurant?

We have varieties of Thai food to offer. Yet, our food is authentic as we try so much to make the taste truly Thai to us and truly delicious for the customers. As we said that, the idea just popped up. How about we added them together?   Thailicious!

Our Menu Selections

Our menu offers traditional Thai food. We also included some of our favorite 'local dish' from different regions of Thailand such as Kao Soy (from the North), Crying Tiger (from the North-East) and Wild Bangkok ( from the Central region).

While we remain authentic, we like to be creative and healthy. Our menu features some of the fusion food that is famous among health - conscious people in Thailand. These dishes stay true to Thai taste, yet are light and refreshing.

We love tofu, vegetables, and mushrooms. These healthy ingredients are great for vegetarian and Thai cooking is a perfect way to enjoy them. We offer a variety of vegetarian dishes.  Yet, if you like something in the menu that is not available as vegetarian, let us know, we will try the best we could to prepare for you.

We have a lot to offer and we wish to share with you our beloved food. Our goal is to constantly updated the menu so that each dishes has the chance to shine and suitable for the season. 

Join us on the journey of delicious Thai culinary experience. We are excited to have you as our guests.

We are open all day everyday!

For delivery order, please call (817) 735-8558 or go online at  ENTREES ON-TRAY